Gardening to Complement Your AHO Box Part One: Getting Started

The garden is a place I go to for peace, to unplug, and to bring some treats to the kitchen for supper.  It’s also a free gym and tanning salon.  Gardening feels like the best kept secret to happiness, if you ask me.  I think the world would be a better, more understanding, merciful place if everyone gardened, even if it’s just a little bed or a few potted plants.  Ask any farmer and they will tell you the same thing: gardeners are the most appreciative customers.  Not until we plunge our hands into the soil and work with it to yield food do we know the reward and sometimes disappointment that encapsulates the process it takes to bring food to the table.

We have been happy AHO customers for over three years now.  I also love to garden and we have quite a substantial one.  There are six weeks in our summer where it’s too hot to grow much anything here in Redding, CA, and this is when I fall back on the box’s resources most of all.  Enjoying seasonal offerings from Abundant Harvest has helped me discover new foods I didn’t know I would love so much.  We planted tomatillos for the first time this year after having so much fun with them last year.  With the help of last year’s tomatillo add-on, I canned enough salsa verde for the year.  The box gives us ideas of what we will grow the following year.  In order to help grow a garden large or small that complement your AHO box, I have broken some ideas down into three simple posts.  Today, we will start at the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start, after all).
How to Grow a Green Thumb
Perhaps some folks are born with a green thumb.  Mine comes in the form of books and websites.  I have listed my green-thumb-growing resources below.
Online Resources:
  • Smart Gardener is a free, online garden journal that keeps everything organized for you.  You can design your plot, calculate how much of each veggie you need to grow depending on how many people you are feeding, it will have a to-do list for you, and gives many helpful tips.  I love this site!
  • Back to Eden.  Talk about inspiration!  You won’t be the same after watching this.
  • Zone-by-zone to-do lists from Organic Gardening.  A great reference to stay on track.
Here are a couple other fun books to add to the home library to learn how to prepare what you grow in the garden AND get in the AHO box.
Next month, we will chat about selecting good seed for your family and location and how to custom-make your garden to complement your AHO box to get the most from both.  In the meantime, happy planning and growing that green thumb of yours!

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