Garlic Chives

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General Info

Common chives are tube-shaped, but garlic chives are flat and a blue-green color. Native to Asia and parts of Europe, this herb in the onion family is sometimes called Chinese chives or Chinese leeks. It is often used in Asian cuisine.
The flavor is distinctly more garlicky than it is oniony, though it is not as strong as an actual clove of garlic. Cooking the chives will mellow the taste somewhat.

Serving Suggestions

Use garlic chives in the same manner that you would use regular chives and even as a substitute.

Garlic chives pair well with meat, poultry, and seafood dishes as well as cheese, mushrooms, noodles, and chile soups. They can be featured as the main ingredient in a stir fry, cooked with a little bit of peanut oil and red pepper flakes, to be served as a side dish. You can stretch the stir fry by adding your choice of protein.

Add raw garlic chives snipped into smaller pieces to salads, or stir them into cooked food during the last few minutes of cooking.

Mix chopped garlic chives with softened butter to serve with potato dishes or for garlic bread.

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Garlic Chives Storage

Store the chives in the fridge in a plastic produce bag, or plastic bag with a paper towel. They’ll last about a week to ten days.

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