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These curly, snake-like, green shoots tell the tale of garlic season. A very short lived springtime offering, garlic scapes have a slightly sweeter garlicky taste, and can be used in any way you would use garlic in its mature form. Garlic scapes have a slightly more delicate and sweet garlic taste than clove garlic.

Garlic scapes are actually the flowering stalks of a garlic plant, removed just above the first leaves mid-season so  all the plant’s energy can be focused on creating a larger garlic bulb underground, and so all of you can have something fun to eat for dinner. Scapes left on the garlic plant will uncurl and stand straight up when the garlic bulb is ready for harvest

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Garlic scapes can be eaten raw or cooked. Chop them and use them raw in salads, pesto, or hummus or cook them as you would other green vegetables. Add pieces to a stir fry, toss them in olive oil and grill, roast, or saute Use them atop pasta or in egg dishes. The flavor is about a third less powerful than garlic at its clove stage. All parts are edible, but the flower end and the end that was closest to the bulb tend to be too fibrous for some tastes.

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Store your garlic scapes in a perforated plastic bag in the fridge and use within a week.

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