Granny Smith Apples

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General Info

Granny Smith is an older variety that was discovered in Australia in the 1860s. It is believed to be a descendant of French crabapples and has become one of the most popular apple varieties today.

Serving Suggestions 

Granny Smith apples are hard, acidic, and tangy-tart winter apples. They’re perfect apple for applesauce, pie making, and other baked goods, as this apple will hold its shape well when cooked. Late season Grannies that have had longer to hang on the tree are sweeter than those picked early.

Grannies keep their color longer than other types of apples when cut, making them great for salads. Serve sliced apples slightly chilled for a refreshing snack or add super thin apple slices to sandwiches.

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These apples have great keeping quality, and historically, were one of the first apple varieties brought to super markets because of it.  Store them in the coldest part of the refrigerator and they’ll stay nice and happy for you for about six weeks. Most apples release lots of ethylene gas, which can cause other foods to ripen at a quicker pace or bring out their bitterness, but Fuji’s and Granny Smith’s don’t release enough to affect the ripening of other foods.

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