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Grapes are grown for making wine, making raisins, and for eating fresh (table grapes).  The first table grape vineyard in California was planted in the mid-1800s and today California grows almost 100 percent of U.S. grown table grapes. 

Serving Suggestions

Grapes make a great out of hand snack and can also be used in sweet and savory cooked dishes, jelly, or juice. They can also be frozen for smoothies or a refreshing snack. Refer to the variety list below for more specific suggestions for the different types of grapes that appear in the AHO produce box each year.

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We recommend leaving your grapes attached to the stem when you store them in the fridge. Cut bunches of grapes into smaller clusters to keep the stem from drying out quickly, and pick off any damaged fruit and discard.

Leave your table grapes unwashed until you’re ready to eat them, then rinse with cool water.

Store your grapes in a perforated plastic bag or in a colander in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Keep them away from ethylene releasing fruits and green or cut onions, as the grapes could spoil more quickly or absorb the flavor of the onions. They should two weeks in the fridge.


Several varieties of table grapes make an appearance in the Abundant Harvest Organics produce boxes each fall.

Autumn Royal Grapes

Peony Grapes

Thompson Seedless Grapes

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