Honeydew Melon

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General Info

Like all melons, the honeydew is a member of the gourd family, which is divided into fruits like melons and vegetables like pumpkins, squashes, and cucumbers. Honeydew is classified as a winter melon, meaning it takes a bit longer to ripen and usually appears later in the season.

Serving Suggestions

Honeydew melon pairs well with lemon, lime, mint, ginger, and fresh berries. The honeydew is great for fruit salads, a breakfast side, or dessert, but it can also be served up with in a more savory dish. Bite-size honeydew chunks can also be added to kabobs at your next backyard barbecue. Use as a substitute for cantaloupe.


Mature honeydew melons will continue to ripen if left at room temperature and can be stored in the pantry or on the counter top for about a week. When ripe, cut and eat or transfer to the fridge. Uncut melons will last a week or so in the fridge.

The summer melons that come in the AHO boxes should be just about ready when they get home to be unpacked, but late season fall melons will probably require a few days more stored at room temperature to fully ripen.

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