Hungarian Wax Peppers

General Info

Hungarian wax peppers are mildly hot, thin-walled peppers. They  look like mild sweet banana peppers, but are ranked slightly hotter than jalapeños.

Serving Suggestions

Since they are slightly larger hot peppers, Hungarian peppers are great for stuffing with soft cheeses, grains, or other veggies. They can be pickled, chopped and used in a stir fry or salsa.

Tips for Taming the Heat

We experience chili peppers as hot and spicy because of the capsaicin molecules that reside primarily in the ribbing and seeds of the pepper. The heat level in each pepper varies depending on factors like soil conditions, rainfall received, number of seeds inside, and age.

Using a melon baller or a spoon to remove the seeds and ribs of a pepper is one way to lessen the heat. Cooking the peppers also reduces their intensity, and brings out a richness of flavor.

Capsaicin is fat-soluble. Whole milk can be used as an eyewash if you accidentally rub your eyes with chili pepper on your hands. Likewise, butter or olive oil can remove the pepper residue from your hands.

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