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Salt in cooking has many uses. It can help add moisture to meats or help take it away when curing. It can help pasta absorb water, and boiled eggs easier to peel, it even makes chocolate taste richer (like this recipe for salted chocolate fig pudding). But have you ever wondered why we put salt on our food? You’re first answer might be, well it makes things just taste better. Yes, it does, but why does it do this? Interesting factoid: Saltiness is one of the few “tastes” our tongues can detect. Adding it to food can help enhance our ability to taste flavors in foods, but also suppress our ability to taste other tastes such as bitterness and sourness, which can be off-putting to our senses (Not a fan of grapefruit? Try adding a little salt). Salt can also help release aromas in foods allowing our noses to help us enjoy the eating experience even further. Want more interesting salt facts, head here.

Salting food, when and how is a culinary debate with some very strong supporters on both sides. The general consensus, however, is that salt makes things tastier, much tastier. Grocery store shelves are peppered (no pun intended) with pre-made seasoning salts, but many of these options are also filled with unnecessarily fillers and hard to pronounce ingredients. Making seasoned salts at home is simple and the uses are endless. All you need are some basic herbs and spices and of course…salt.



The best salts for your seasoning salt combos are those that are coarse and flaky, think kosher salt and sea salt. A good rule of thumb for blending is a ratio of 1 teaspoon of dried herbs/spices to 1/4 cup salt. You’ll want to have a good spice grinder or mortar and pestle on hand to properly blend everything together. If you plan to store the blends for later use, opt for dried ingredients. Want tips on how to dry fresh herbs, see our post on it here.

Salt Combos

Give some of these easy to mix combos a try! Dried herbs and spices work well, but if you’ve got fresh herbs on hand you can always combine them as well.


Salty Chicken Rosemary Rub

Sea Salt + Rosemary + Thyme + Pepper

Lemony Pepper Veggies

Salt + Lemon Zest+ Garlic + Oregano + Pepper

Indian Inspired Potatoes and More

Salt + Turmeric + Coriander + Pepper + Cinnamon

Spicy Fries or Popcorn

Salt + Chili Powder + Paprika + Garlic

Recipes to Try

Why not put your own seasoning salt spin on these recipes and let us know what you think!

Homegrown Organics Tri-Tip Tacos

Spicy Steak Fries

BBQ Veggies

Popcorn on the Cob

Happy Eating!

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