Kitchen Basics – Kale Salads to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

By March 13, 2017Kitchen Basics


Hope you’re having the happiest of new years so far, friends. How are your resolutions? Are you staying on track with with them? Did you have a look at the post with Five Great Recipes to Ring in the New Year? It has some tips and yummy recipes for keeping those resolutions going strong. Here are a few great kale salad recipes that could help too.


1. In this veggie packed Chopped Salad, kale, cabbage, and broccoli make a great trio, complimented by fresh orange juice, savory mustard, and sweet honey.

2. Massaging kale helps with its digestibility. It just takes a few minutes, some olive oil, and a bit of salt. And it tastes great. For simplicity, radish and apple are a great compliment.

3. For a heartier massaged kale salad, I love to add tuna, a few other veggies (carrots, red onion, and radish would be great), and some nuts for added protein and crunch. This makes for a stand-alone salad that is a fabulous lunch.

4. Kale can be substituted for mustard greens, spinach, collard greens, and chard. It’s great raw, but wilted salads can be a wonderful change (especially when the weather is cold).


5. Kale can have so many toppings. Figs and basil, pine nuts and tomatoes are all in this great recipe.*

6. Kale pairs well with both sweet and savory salad toppings. Try things like oranges, peaches, pomegranates, or grapes, depending on what’s in season.

7. For a more savory option, kale can be topped with chicken, feta, and grapes. Sounds yummy!

8. A super simple salad would be kale, tomato, avocado, lemon juice, salt, and olive oil. Good for you veggies and healthy fats. Winner!

9. If you want something to go along with your salad, kale is great as a pesto that would be delicious with pasta.

10. Kale is wonderful blended with garlic and nuts a-top toasted bread.

11. To get a great start to your day, kale adds a lot to a smoothie. Nutrients galore and it’s quick and easy. What could be better!?


You might even do a day full of kale. Start it with a smoothie, for lunch try that Massaged Kale and Tuna Salad, then for dinner, maybe some pasta with a great Kale Pesto will hit the spot. Change things up by adding other fruits and veggies into the mix too, and it looks like it could be a tasty and nutritious menu plan.

*Photo of Raw Kale Salad with Thai Basil and Black Mission Figs by Landry. All other photos by Rachel Oberg.

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