Kitchen Basics : Making the Perfect Omelet


Eggs: An excellent and easy source of protein and essential vitamins. They pair so well with so many fresh veggies and herbs that they are almost the perfect companion food to the AHO box. Cooking eggs can, however, be a source of frustration for even the best chef, many even consider mastering an omelet as a milestone in their cooking careers. So here we are going to talk about making the perfect omelet. We promise you, it’s not that difficult. Like a little purse for all your favorite goodies (veg, cheese, meats etc) omelets can be a powerhouse breakfast, a simple in-between snack, or even a breakfast-for-dinner kind of thing. The most important thing to have when making an omelet is…patience.

Yes, patience.

Omelets take a little bit of time to master and to make, but when you do master them you will be the talk of the breakfast crowd. And don’t fret because if you don’t get it right the first time, you’ll always end up with scrambled eggs. That’s a win in our book.

Alright here’s what you need to make a basic omelet:

  • 2-3 eggs (we prefer pasture raised, organic, and YAY you can order them every week as an add-on)
  • A good, clean skillet. Non-stick helps but it’s not required. If non-stick be sure to have some butter/oil/cooking spray handy
  • A good, non-stick spatula
  • A fork for mixing / mixing bowl for eggs
  • Any fixings you want to put in
  • Patience

Getting started:

Beat your eggs in a small bowl with a fork until well blended.  And trust us, stick with the fork. Using a blender will introduce too much air…and frankly who has time to clean up that mess?


Meanwhile place your skillet on the stove on medium heat and allow it to warm up for 3-4 minutes. Then coat with a light brushing of oil / a pad of butter/ or a quick spritz of cooking spray.


Pour in the eggs and wait…


Once you start to see some solidification in the eggs, run your spatula slightly around the eggs to release them from the sides.


Pick up your skillet and swirl it around slightly to allow the remaining runny egg to run underneath the cooked egg and well…get cooked. Then wait for that to solidify.


Now add your fixings (cheese, veggies, herbs, salt, pepper etc), spreading them out in a thin layer on top of the egg. Once the egg has become slightly solid/ slightly wiggly, lift the skillet and shake it to see if you can remove the egg completely from the skillet.


If yes..Using the spatula gently fold the omelet in half. A little browning is good, too much and you’ve overcooked the egg, so keep an eye on this.


When ready, transfer to your favorite plate and serve!


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