Korean Daikon Radish

General Info

These giant, near football sized white radishes can take you by surprise on a first encounter.  This white, green-tinged Asian radish is sweet and is excellent in soups. It has a crisp, firm flesh and a mild flavor.

Serving Suggestions

The Korean Daikon is sometimes added to a Napa cabbage kimchi or used to add a great crunchy texture to dishes without the sharp spicy bite of other radishes.You can eat your Korean Daikon raw or cooked. You can use Korean daikon as a substitute for other radishes, though it does have a slightly sweeter and milder flavor.

Raw: add slices or matchsticks to salads; add slices to sandwiches for extra crunch; serve with hummus or dip on a veggie platter; grate it and mix with yogurt for a salad dressing with a fresh crunch.

Cooked: slice into rounds and braise for use in soups, stews, or fish dishes; add bite sized pieces or matchsticks to a stir fry

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Store your radish in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator, wrapped loosely in a plastic bag. It should stay fresh for a couple of weeks.

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