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Lavender is grown for both culinary and ornamental uses. It is a summer season herb that is commonly found in herbes de Provence. It’s purple flowers are harvested before they fully bloom.

Serving Suggestions

A light, delicate, inviting hint of lavender is excellent in fresh lemonade, infused into iced or hot tea or lemon water, baked into deserts, or used in salad dressingsand meat marinades.

Strip the purple blossoms from the stem and use them in your cooking or to emit their pleasant fragrance in your home.

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Additional Uses


We recommend a few methods for storing your fresh lavender.

Place the stalks with flowers in tact in between two damp paper towels and seal them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator or  snip off excess stems and place the stalks of lavender in a glass or small vase with about one inch of fresh water, as if you were displaying flowers. Loosely cover the herbs with a plastic bag, and change the water if it becomes cloudy. Both methods should keep the herbs fresh for about a week.

Lavender is also excellent when dried.  To dry, gather your lavender into a bundle and hang it upside down in a cool dark place, undisturbed for one to two weeks. When it is completely dry, remove the buds from the leaves and seal in an airtight container. Dried lavender is great for baking and in marinades. The scent of dried lavender will last for several months.


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