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AHO Citrus grower Cliff McFarlin grows Lisbon lemons, a super juicy, bright yellow,  thick-skinned  old world variety. The Lisbon lemon is one of the most popular lemon varieties in the United States. Late season Lisbon lemons can grow to be very large.

Serving Suggestions

A fresh squeeze of lemon can enhance all kinds of dishes.

Fresh lemon juice can be used as a salt substitute in some recipes; the zesty flavor covers for the salty taste. Use less lemon juice than the amount of salt called for in soups, veggie, fish, and chicken dishes.

The peels of these field run lemons are fresh, clean, and perfect for zesting. You can cut the thin yellow portion of the peel from the lemon and freeze slices in a plastic bag or dry them in a low oven for later use.

Too many lemons? Juice them and freeze the juice in ice cube trays for summertime lemonade.

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Lemons will keep for several days at room temperature, or for several weeks sealed in a plastic bag in the fridge.

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