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Lettuce is in the sunflower family, and originated as a weed in Egypt. Today’s lettuce varieties vary widely, but have in common their primary use in fresh preparations and salads.

Serving Suggestions

Lettuce wraps are a quick go to as a salad alternative. Use herbed cream cheese or goat cheese, chicken or tuna salad or restaurant style spicy meat and veggie mixes and rice.

Try finding a tasty recipe for a pasta dish with other veggies like peas, asparagus and wilted lettuce.

You can even go so far as digging up a recipe for lettuce soup. Onions and potatoes are good partners for this one.

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Keep lettuce unwashed, or washed and thoroughly dried, in a plastic bag in the fridge until ready to use. Keeping the leaves dry is key to extending storage life. The lettuce should last up to ten days in the fridge under the right conditions.


Red leaf lettuce grows the best through the hot Central Valley summers, though in the cooler months of fall, winter, and spring, we have other types of lettuce in the Abundant Harvest Organics produce boxes.


Butterhead Lettuce


Green Leaf Lettuce


Red Leaf Lettuce


Romaine Lettuce

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