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The small, velvety green, cup-shaped leaves of the mache plant can make any green salad a treat. It is sometimes called corn salad, lamb’s lettuce, field salad, doucette, or lamb’s tongue. Pronounced correctly, mache sounds like the word “marsh” if you dropped the “r.” Mache is historically a wild herb, and has been grown and foraged in Europe for over four hundred years, though it’s new to Central Valley farmers.

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Mache is primarily a salad green, or lightly steamed or braised to fill the veggie spot on your plate. It has a sweet, nutty flavor and pairs well in tossed salads with bitter greens like arugula and chicory or with crisp salad veggies like carrots or radishes.

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Leave your mache unwashed until you are ready to use it. Store it with a paper towel in a plastic bag. Be sure it’s not packed too tight. If it is delivered in a clamshell box, just pop it in the fridge. Mache is delicate, and should be eaten within five days.

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