Meet Your Farmer: A KMK Photo Essay

By October 31, 2013Meet Your Farmer

Come along for a visual slice of KMK farm life and get to know your family farmers.

KMK is a weekly supplier of veggies and herbs for the AHO boxes. And if you haven’t noticed, they love growing the unique, interesting, and heirloom varieties.


Several local landowners have invited KMK to farm their land because they appreciate the way that their organic farming methods build up the soil and leave the land better than it was.


Gophers can be a big problem, as evidenced by these freshly harvested, gopher-eaten carrots. Not to worry though, KMK’s organic strategy is to plant extra for this very reason. Coyotes can also pose a threat to pipes and irrigation systems, and KMK takes a similar approach: Instead of making efforts to get rid of wildlife passing through, they lay two lines of drip tape, just in case one gets chewed up.

Opportunities for year-round employment in agriculture are gold, and with a four season growing operation like KMK, employees have the opportunity to settle into a steady job.  Kyle and Michele hope to be able to offer benefits to their employees in the future.


These days, Michele handles the piles of paperwork required for organic certification for all the KMK farms and crops. But there are always ways to get her hands dirty waiting: saving tomato seeds, finding new ways to use the produce (i.e. discovering that chive blossoms taste like onions, or that daikon radish can be made into noodle ribbons), or taking care of the animals at the home place.


When the “new” tractor was made in the 1950s like the one in this photo, you know you’re among friends. Antique farm equipment abounds and finds new life amid the rows of KMK vegetables.

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