Meet Your Farmer’s Daughter: Adding-On with Kristi Bravo

By October 8, 2013Meet Your Farmer

Kristi Bravo is one of the K’s in KMK Farms, a familiar name for Abundant Harvest subscribers. She’s also the Farmer’s Daughter. If you’ve  ever ordered a big bundle of basil, a pile of nopales, or a few extra eggplants, your produce has passed right through Kristi’s hands. She and her team of super-women have sorted, weighed, labeled, and in some cases picked those add-ons themselves. In addition to managing and packing all the add-on orders for Abundant Harvest, Kristi runs a Fresno area CSA with KMK produce.

Kristi grew up working the farm and markets with her parents, but in college pursued sports and physical education, playing basketball for Reedley College and at Cal Sate Bakersfield. She  graduated with a degree in exercise science and kinesiology from Fresno State in 2010.

It was a big year for more reasons than one. She got married and in a turn of events, came back to the farm when the gym she was managing suddenly closed down.

The experience of running the admin side, packing for shipping, and quality control  added to what Kristi knew from working her family’s farm and running the stand at farmer’s markets when she was growing up.  When she was in high school they would go to seven markets a week, selling produce and heirloom avocados. Busy with school and basketball, Kristi admits that in high school working the farm and the markets was not her favorite thing to do.

“I never thought I’d come back, but the farm was familiar to me. When I came back  after the gym closed, I saw that we were starting to grow, starting to do Abundant Harvest, and I saw more potential in the farm. I’d graduated with Erik Peterson, and I knew Heather. There was a younger crowd, a new crowd in the farming scene, and that was kind of a cool thing.”

Loading up for the Abundant Harvest delivery

Everything up on that add-on list that says it’s posted by Kristi Woods on is coming from Kristi, now Bravo, the Farmer’s Daughter, and most all of it comes from her family’s farm.

“When I started doing the add-ons we had 3000 customers, now we have 6000, I have definitely gotten to grow with Abundant Harvest, we’ve learned a lot along the way,” she said.

Kristi Olson and Alma work right alongside her, administrating, packing, and doing the manual labor involved in getting the produce from the fields to the packing shed, to you.

Add-ons packing in action

The most fulfilling thing: “Hearing back from people, when they send little emails saying what they liked, or pictures of the things they’re making with our food. Just feeding people in general is an honor, and it’s really cool that we’re feeding people’s kids, that they trust us to feed their kids.”

It’s something she understands first hand, as she’s feeding her own little one off the farm now. Kristi makes all her own baby food with KMK produce, and Emerson eats like a king. His favorite is the zucchini.

Feel free to drop her a line at

Emerson enjoying the fruits of farm life with his mom and dad


Kristi, (Emerson), Michele, and Kyle of KMK Farms

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