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Melons make an appearance in the Abundant Harvest produce boxes in summer and early fall. Melons are related to the cucumber. Look for a buttery yellow spot on the melons rind as a clue for ripeness; the ground spot is the place the melon rested on the ground while it grew and ripened on the vine.

Serving Suggestions

In addition to being served fresh, melons can be used in dishes both sweet and savory. Consider cold soups, salsas, salads, the barbecue in your recipe brainstorming. Mint, basil, lemon, lime, cream and yogurt, tarragon, vanilla, salt, and chili powder pair well with melons.

Blend melons with water or milk, ice, and sweetener for refreshing aguas frescas. Freeze pureed melon into ice cube trays for flavored water.

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Melons are best stored at room temperature, rather than in the refrigerator until ripe. For cantaloupe and honeydew melons, a sweet aroma will be a good indicator of ripeness. Watermelon however, do not ripen off the vine.  Melons should last up to a week at room temperature and three to four days cut in the fridge.

Fall season melons will take a little longer to ripen once you get them home since the temperatures in the field have cooled and the melons are not as ripe when harvested.


We have several varieties of melons in the Abundant Harvest produce boxes each year.




Honeydew Melon


Tamara Melon



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