Navel Oranges

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General Info 

The first Navel orange was first discovered in Brazil, as a mutation on a sour orange tree in the mid-1800s. Cuttings made their way to the United States and in 1872 two trees were planted in Riverside, California. There are over 50 different Navel orange varieties. These belly-buttoned fruits are the most popular type of fresh eating orange.

Serving Suggestions

Navel varieties are superb fresh-eating oranges. Add segments to salads or slice and eat out of hand.

You can juice Navel oranges, though they have an enzyme that will make the juice bitter if it sits in the fridge, so if you choose to use your oranges for juice, drink it right away or use it to flavor various dishes.

Use the orange peel for zest or to make candied orange peel pieces.

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Ripe Navels will keep at room temperature for a week or more, and in the fridge for three weeks or more.

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