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Onions are related to shallots, leeks, and garlic. There are over 300 varieties of onions.

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Onions are amazing flavor enhancers for all types of dishes and can also be featured as a side on their own.

Green onions and spring onions can be used in recipes interchangeably with bulb onions. Sweet mild onions are best used fresh, though can also be cooked. Cooking storage onions will mellow the bite and bring out the sweet flavor.

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Fresh onions should be kept dry and stored in a plastic bag in the fridge, where they will last for several weeks. Cured onions can be stored in the pantry, away from potatoes, in a cool, dark place. They can last several months stored in this way.


There are many types of onions that come in the Abundant Harvest Organics produce boxes throughout the year.


Green Onions


Italian Sweet Red Onions


Spring Bunching Onions


White Onions


White Onions

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