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Oyster Mushrooms

By July 23, 2016Storage, Tips

General Info

Though they do grow in the wild as well, oyster mushrooms are some of the most widely cultivated.

Serving Suggestions

Oyster mushrooms have a light and delicate flavor. They don’t need more than a few minutes cooking time and are the most perishable items that come in the AHO produce boxes or add-on delivery.

To use your oyster mushrooms, pluck the stems and caps from the base and set aside. (The base of the mushroom is edible, but the texture is more dense than the stems and caps.)

Cut or leave whole and saute lightly in olive oil and butter with garlic, salt, and pepper. These mushrooms are fabulous with pasta with a light sauce. Add them to a quiche or frittata. They are also great in sauces, a top gourmet homemade pizza, or in a stir fry or risotto.


Take your mushrooms out of the clam shell container and transfer to a paper bag. Store them in the paper bag in the fridge and use them quickly, as they are best when fresh. At most they will keep for one week, but ideally should be eaten within the first four days.

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