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The Peony grapes that come in the AHO produce boxes each fall are a type of Concord grape, which is the grape that’s used to make traditional American grape juice, jelly, and jam. The Concord is the inspiration for the classic grape-flavored flavor. 

Initially, your farmer Rich Shellenberg found a single bud sprouting from a spur of the parent grapevine growing this grape that looked different than the other grapes on the vine. They propagated this mutated grape and you are now enjoying the fruit of this discovery!

Serving Suggestions

The complex  flavor of the peony could be described as Concord with a mix of Muscat of Alexandria grape flavor. These grapes are super sweet, and have a smoother finish than many other types of Concords. Some of you will love them right off the bat, but for others, this type of grape might be more of an acquired taste.

Look out for seeds and eat them out of hand, juice them, or make them into jelly.

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We recommend leaving your grapes attached to the stem when you store them. Cut bunches of grapes into smaller clusters to keep the stem from drying out quickly, and pick off any damaged fruit and discard.
Leave your table grapes unwashed until you’re ready to eat them, then rinse with cool water.
Store your grapes in a perforated plastic bag or in a colander in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Keep them away from ethylene releasing fruits and green onions, as the grapes could spoil more quickly or absorb the flavor of the onions.

They should last several weeks in the fridge.

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