Poblano Peppers

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General Info

The poblano pepper originated in the state of Puebla, Mexico. They are the wide-topped dark green peppers in your summer boxes. When fully ripe, these peppers turn red. Fully ripened peppers have a sweeter flavor and we occasionally have them in our late summer boxes.  They taste a bit like a green bell pepper but have a little more bite and a bit of a smokier flavor, making them a favorite in Mexican cuisine.

Serving Suggestions

Poblanos need to be peeled before added to your recipes. To do so, char all sides of the pepper in broiler or over a flame on a gas stove. You just want the skin to be blistered and black, but you don’t want the flesh of the pepper to cook. When blisters have formed,  seal the peppers in a plastic bag so they can sweat for 15 minutes or so. Then when cool, the thin outer skin should peel away easily.

These mild peppers are perfect for stuffing, but they can also be roasted and peeled for use in sauces, dips, soups, salsas, or side dishes.

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Store fresh peppers in a brown paper bag or plastic produce bag in the fridge. They’ll last about a week and a half. You can also freeze them to use in recipes down the road. Some people prefer to peel, chop, and then freeze, while others like chopping and freezing the peppers raw. You can also freeze them whole.

Dry them by hanging them up in a dry, dark place or to save time, on cookie sheets in a warm (but not hot) oven.  When dried, they are called ancho chilis.

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