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Red beets are the most common variety of beets we have in the Abundant Harvest produce boxes each years. The flavor of red beets is earthy and sweet.

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Beets can be eaten raw in salads, baked, boiled, roasted, featured in juice recipes, or  hidden in fruit smoothies or chocolate desserts. Beet greens are edible and can be prepared in the same manner as swiss chard.

Peel beets with a paring knife for grating raw, or roasting, but for boiling or steaming, leave the peel on until the beets are cooked. The skin keeps the highly water soluble juices from bleeding into the water. Gently rub off the skin under cold running water after these methods of cooking. You’ll know your beets are fully cooked when you can insert a knife or fork and the it is tender all the way to the center.

If you’re not a beet lover, your farmers at T&D Willey recommend roasting beets just like you would potatoes. You could also check out the beet cake, muffin, and brownie recipes we’ve got posted on our blog as a sneaky way to eat them.

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If your beets came with the green tops, remove them and store the greens separately from the root. Both parts can be stored in plastic bags in the fridge for about two weeks.


If you plan on boiling your beets, adding white vinegar (¼ cup for every 8 cups of water) will help them keep their color.

Lemon juice or a salt scrub can help remove beet stains from your hands. For beet stains on fabric and other surfaces, quick attention to soak and scrub is going to be the first and most important step in avoiding a lasting stain.

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