Russet Potatoes

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General Info

The Russet potato was named for the texture of its skin, as the word “russet” means “rough.”

Serving Suggestions

Russets are high starch potatoes ideal for making light and fluffy baked or mashed potatoes, or the perfect homemade fries.

Another way to get at those nutrients is to boil or steam the Russets with their skin on and then peel the skin away after they’ve cooled. For crispier fried potatoes, soak cut pieces in salted water for five to ten minutes before cooking.


Russets will last for weeks at room temperature, and much longer if kept at their ideal temperature of 45 to 50 degrees. Store your potatoes unwashed in a cool, dark, dry place. Exposure to natural or artificial light can cause them to develop green spots.

If your potatoes sprout or develop green spots, they are still safe to eat. Just cut the eyes and green patches out with a paring knife before cooking.

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