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There are over thirty different types of savories, with summer and winter savory being the two that are most often used for cooking.

Serving Suggestions

Summer savory is best used fresh and hardier winter savory is best for slow cooked meals.

You can also add fresh savory leaves to green salads to take advantage of its peppery, thyme-like flavor.  Fresh savory is a great companion to or even substitute for parsley.  You can use the fresh leaves, as well as the tender portions of the stalk in your cooking.

Savory pairs well with veggies like beans, peas, cabbage, and tomatoes. It also complements rice, egg dishes, all meats, poultry and fish dishes.

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Store in a plastic bag in the fridge. To dry, spread out on a pan in a low-temperature oven, about 200° for a couple hours or follow this step by step guide for drying herbs.


We have both summer and winter savory in the Abundant Harvest Organics produce box each year.

Summer Savory

Winter Savory

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