Sunchokes or Jerusalem Artichokes

By August 20, 2014Storage, Tips, Veggies

General Info

These knobby tubers are also known as Jerusalem artichokes, though they are not related to artichokes but rather, the sunflower. They produce a similar yellow blossom and an edible tuber. The tuber of the sunchoke is a good low-starch alternative to the potato, with a sweet crunch that is slightly reminiscent to the fresh flavor of an artichoke.

Serving Suggestions

Cook your sunchokes using any of the methods you would use for a potato. They can be peeled or unpeeled, totally your preference. Toss chopped sunchoke pieces into a stir fry. Sunchokes can also be roasted and used for a delicious creamy soup. This veggie has a slightly sweet taste with a nice crunch and  unlike potatoes, it can also be eaten raw.


Store your sunchokes wrapped in a kitchen towel or sealed in a plastic bag in the fridge. They should last two to three weeks.

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