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We have sweet corn in the AHO produce boxes each July. Each strand of silk represents a potential kernel of corn. The silk strand must be pollinated in order for a kernel of corn to develop.

Serving Suggestions

Boiling Corn

To shuck the corn:
Peel back the husk and completely remove it.
Take off the silk by hand. Run a damp paper towel or vegetable brush over the corn a few times to remove any silky strands left behind. Break off any of the stalk that remains.
Corn removed from the cob can be used in salads, salsas, casseroles, and other dishes, or canned or frozen to be used at a later date.
You can use a bundt pan to catch the kernels of corn as you cut them off by propping the cob upright in the center hole of the pan before you start slicing.
Another way to remove the kernels is to hold the cob upright with the stalk end resting on a cutting board and slice downward using a sharp knife. This can be done before or after cooking.
To boil, cover corn cobs with cold water and bring to a rapid boil. A little sugar in the water can help to keep the corn sweet and tender. When the water boils, your corn is ready.

Sweet Corn on the Grill

You can grill sweet corn with the husks either on or off.
To grill corn in the husks, peel them back as if you were going to remove them, then leave the husk attached at the stem end. Clean the silk off the corn and replace the leaves of the husk, securing with kitchen twine. Soak the cobs in cold water for one to three hours. Grill over medium heat for about a half an hour, turning frequently. The corn is ready when it starts to steam.
A quicker method is to peel back the husks and tie the leaves together to create something of a handle for your corn. Clean the cobs and coat with your choice of herbed butter then place directly on the grill. Let the husks hang off the grill or place a piece of foil underneath to keep them from burning. Turn them frequently and continue to coat with butter as they cook. Your corn is ready when it is golden brown.
You can also remove the husk completely and place cobs of corn in foil packets with butter and seasonings. Grill for about a half an hour.

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Leave the husks intact until you are ready to prepare your corn for eating.

Storing your sweet corn in the refrigerator, opposed to at room temperature, will help preserve the flavor. Whole ears of corn will keep in your fridge for about five days, but as each day passes, the sugars turn into starch, so, if you aren’t planning on serving it within a few days, shuck it, blanch it in boiling water for 7 to 10 minutes, then let it cool and freeze it right away. It’ll keep for months.

You can reheat the cobs of corn in a pot of boiling water right before you serve it, or throw it on the grill to warm it back up for a taste of summer any season.
Leave the husks intact until you are ready to prepare your corn.


Wait for your plate to salt the corn; salt in the cooking water can make the kernels tough.

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