Thank You!


My family as well as the rest of the AHO team, wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful journey we have had with each of you. The overwhelming amount of encouraging notes, stories, and shared family experiences have touched each of us and even brought some of us to tears. While you have all learned a lot from us and Uncle Vern’s newsletters, we have certainly learned a lot from you in return. This experience has been unlike any other and not a single one of us would trade it for the world.

Some have written with inquiries on where to continue to support local farmers and how to continue to get some of our products. Additionally I have had a few CSA’s similar to ours catch wind of our closing and have asked that we share their contact information with our members. Since we have never been in the business of sharing personal information, I did promise I would pass the information along because the business we are in and will always be in is helping our neighbors and fellow local farmers.

So for anyone curious on how to continue to support local, here are a few options that we hope you take a look at.

AHO Direct Ship:  Now Closed

Organic Pastures: You can still continue to enjoy Organic pastures raw dairy products. They can ship it directly to your door, and have a $10 flat rate shipping fee: OR you can see if there is a store near you that offers their product:

Talley Farms: They have been in the farming business for 70 years and are located over in Arroyo Grande area. They started their CSA business in 2012. They are not a 100% organic produce box, but they are 100% local, and consider local to be 150mile radius. Their focus for their produce boxes is local first, then organic when available. Their home farm in mostly organic with some fields being transitional to being organic; check them out at: if you have any direct questions about them please contact Andrea Chavez at:

Out of the box collective: Founded in 2010, award-winning Out of the Box Collective has been singled out for its social and environmental impact for three years in a row, and lauded by publications like Organic Authority as the “meal kit for the local food movement”, and by Chalkboard Magazine as “LA’s hottest farm to door delivery service”. We deliver farm to table boxes featuring local, organic ingredients to customers across 1000 zip codes in SoCal. We specialize in “Culinary Inspiration Boxes” which include ingredients from all the food groups, and suggested recipes inspired by a different theme every week.  We also offer CSA-style produce boxes, an extensive marketplace of individual small-batch items, and the option to add on in home Chef Services if you are too busy to cook. All boxes are fully customizable, to suit your dietary preferences. Use coupon code ABUNDANTHARVEST for $20 off your first order.  Here is the link to sign up.


Thank you again, and we wish each of you the best!


Heather Mondello