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About the Abundant Harvest Podcast

The Abundant Harvest Podcast is simply bringing the family farm to the airwaves with our show about food, farming, seasonal eating, and how you and your farmer fit into the food system. Our hope as always is to provide yet another mode of connection for you to learn about your food and connect with your farmer.

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The Organic Episode

This first episode, The Organic Episode, dives into the workings of the organic certification system and food label. We talked with California food lovers, a Weston Price chapter leader, and of course, your very own Uncle Vern to unravel the meaning of the label USDA Certified Organic, for both consumers and food producers. The goal of this episode is to enrich your understanding of what is being supported when you spend your food dollars on organic products.

Coming Soon

In episodes 2 and 3, we’ll jump into the world of career food growers and hear a tale of two farmers. Part One: a decades seasoned farmer and organic convert (guess who), and Part Two: an organic-from-inception home gardener gone crazy (eighty-five acres crazy to be exact).

We hope it will be an eye-opening and entertaining series of conversations for you. And as always, in the end, we hope you’ll feel a step closer to the farms and faces producing your food.


We’re doing this for you, so if you have ideas for future shows or topics you’d like to hear about, let us know!  Please send all comments, critiques, suggestions, or questions to or post a comment below.

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