The Abundant Harvest Podcast #2 Conversion

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This Episode: Conversion, Part 1 of A Tale of Two Farmers

Find out what all is involved in transitioning a farm from chemical dependence to biological partnership in this story of one familiar farmer’s move from conventional to organic agriculture, told in hopes of expanding your cache of knowledge about where your food comes from and how it’s produced.

Coming Soon: Part 2 of A Tale of Two Farmers

To close out our look at small farmers and the organic certification system, next episode we’ll hear from Kyle and Michele Reynolds of KMK Organic Farms. They’ve got a really unique operation, farming over 500 different crops each year. Tune in to hear their great grassroots perspective on being a small farmer in a big world.

Previous Episodes

The Organic Episode dissects the organic certification system and tells you what you can know for sure when you see the Certified Organic label. This episode includes interviews with Fresno area grocery shoppers, Fresno area Weston Price Fresno-Madera chapter leader Meg Dickey, and Uncle Vern.

About the Abundant Harvest Podcast

The Abundant Harvest Podcast is simply bringing the family farm to the airwaves with our show about food, farming, seasonal eating, and how you and your farmer fit into the food system. Our hope, as always, is to provide yet another mode of connection for you to learn about your food and connect with your farmer.

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