The Art of Farming: Senescence, the Reason Leaves Fall In the Fall

By October 16, 2013The Art of Farming

Call it what you will, fall, autumn, the senescent season, it happens to everyone, peach trees included.  Wrinkles, grey hair, and wisdom all come to us in due time, but for the leaves of a peach tree, a life cycle happens every year.

In this way, October is a beginning. And the energy from the sun that fuels the growth of a sweet summertime fruit also dictates the time for the leaves to put on their fall colors and start their return to the soil.

It’s a slow, brilliant start to the tree’s coming dormancy and subsequent renewal. In October you have to hunt to see the change, but in November and December the color and widening landscape remind you of the season everyday.

November – December

And even farmers as wise as our own Uncle Vern keep learning as the seasons turn over again and again. In the video below he shares a fall fact about the seasons that he only learned a few years back. (And by a few, I mean about a decade.)

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