Thompson Seedless Grapes

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General Info

These small, sweet, seedless golden green grapes  are the most widely grown variety of grape. They’re super versatile and can be grown for wine, raisins, or table grapes.

Serving Suggestions

Thompson Seedless are a softer grape. Put them in the freezer and enjoy them frozen or eat fresh out of hand. They’re great paired with creamy, soft cheeses too, juiced, or added to smoothies.

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We recommend leaving your grapes attached to the stem when you store them. Cut bunches of grapes into smaller clusters to keep the stem from drying out quickly, and pick off any damaged fruit and discard.
Leave your table grapes unwashed until you’re ready to eat them, then rinse with cool water.
Store your grapes in a perforated plastic bag or in a colander in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Keep them away from ethylene releasing fruits and green onions, as the grapes could spoil more quickly or absorb the flavor of the onions.

They should last several weeks in the fridge.

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