Tokyo Turnip “Haruka”

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The Tokyo “haruka” turnip may look like a white radish if you’re not looking closely. These turnips are harvested at 1-3 inches in diameter and are globe shaped or perhaps slightly flattened. They are cruncy, juicy bitter-sweet when eaten raw (try it!).

Serving Suggestions

Wash your turnips thoroughly under running water or soak them until the grit falls off. Serve these turnips sliced with a crisp sea salt or steam them to bring out the best flavor.

When steaming there is no need to remove the greens, they can make a great bed when you’re steaming. Spread the turnips with greens attached (use them as a bed) on a steamer rack over boilig water, cover and cook until barely tender (3-6 minutes depending on size). When tender take your turnips and place them on a kitchen towner and serve with a side dish of salt or butter or pepper.

You can also pickle, roast, sautee, or boil turnips. Slice them and serve them on a sald or garnish roasted meet with them.

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You can separate the green tops from the roots and store each separately in a plastic bag in the fridge. Eat the greens within the week, and the roots within two to three weeks. If youre thinking of using them right away, keep them whole and steam within the week.


We have both the purple topped turnips as well as the super mild Snow White and Tokyo turnips in our boxes each year, with and without the greens, depending on the frost. The white varieties can be eaten more like a radish and have a much more subtle, grassy flavor.

Purple Top

Snow White


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