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Fresh Facts from 7/02/2013

Roll out the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! Can you tell we’re having a blast here? Sweet corn, green beans, heirloom tomatoes, peaches and apricots, eggplant and all the beautiful colors and shapes of summer squash—heavens to vegetables Batman, I’ve been squashed!—and a gorgeous red onion to throw in with the mix! It’s all just too summery. Oh, and the melons! You’re gonna love all the melons coming your way. You just hate to cut the stuff up. You want to spread it all out and say “This right here, family, is summer!” That and floating down the river with your friends on Sunday afternoon of course. I could eat the large box all by myself easy. As a matter of fact, I bet I eat fifteen peaches, plums, apricots, or nectarines a day just in the course of walking fields and crews and pack lines. I love my job!

What’s gratifying to me is how—as we’ve helped them become successful—our farmers have each stepped up their games and challenged themselves to do what a couple years back they thought was impossible. The beautiful tasty heirloom tomatoes that you have here from Kyle are a perfect example. I’m just so proud of him for bringing this impossibility to reality.

Green beans and lettuce in the summer from David is another impossibility that’s now reality. All the personal sized melons so they fit in the boxes. (Is that out of the box or in the box thinking?) Stuff we’re trying right now that you won’t see till fall and winter are brussels sprouts and a whole line up of heirloom and purple potatoes for late summer. In the mean time, we’ve cut way back on how often we haveregular potatoes.

Around here, Ryan Huckabay’s sweet corn is an institution, causing traffic jams on Avenue 400 and tears when the sold-out sign goes up. Ryan’s dad, Troy, has been growing organic broccoli and cauliflower since the 80s, but it took some courage on Ryan’s part to go organic on his sweet corn. We’re so proud to have this for you for two reasons. 1) It’s the best tasting sweet corn on the planet. 2) It’s organic. Let me tell you why that’s important. Virtually all sweet corn is genetically modified to put the pesticide Bacillus Thuringensis (Bt) into every cell of the plant. That way, when the worm eats the corn, it dies. The result is perfect, pest free corn. The only way to not eat this GMO corn is to enjoy organic corn. And if you find a nice healthy worm at the end, cut that end off and gratefully rejoice that Ryan agreed to grow us some great organic corn.

We’re just so excited to bring all this summer enjoyment to you every week. To have this chance to bring farmers and consumers, producers and co-producers together so deliciously is such a hoot! EAT HEALTHY!!!

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