Watermelon Radish

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General Info

Green on the outside and pink on the inside, watermelon radishes are a type of Daikon radish, also known as Shinrimei, which means “beauty in the heart.” It is a fitting name for such a striking radish.

Serving Suggestions

Watermelon radishes can be braised, roasted, eaten raw on salads, or sliced and served with a vegetable dip.  Cooking will reduce the brightness of the radish’s color and its already subtle flavor, so many people prefer to eat these radishes raw.
The skin is where you find most of this radish’s pungency. If you don’t love radishes, the crisp sweetness of a peeled watermelon radish just might be what it takes to win you over.

Remove the greentops from your radishes if they are attached. Store the radishes in a plastic bag in the fridge; they should last a few weeks.

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